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YouTube, with its nearly two decades of existence, has seen the emergence of various tools and methods allowing users to download videos for personal retention.

A more recent addition to the platform is YouTube Shorts, a short form video format characterized by a distinct appearance and focus.

The encouraging news is that downloading YouTube Shorts is indeed possible, despite the absence of a native feature for it. If you’re interested in learning how to download YouTube Shorts, continue reading for a comprehensive guide.

Popularity of YouTube Shorts

The popularity of YouTube Shorts can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, their short-form nature caters to today’s fast-paced digital consumption habits, offering quick and engaging content.

Additionally, Shorts leverage YouTube’s vast user base and algorithm, making them easily discoverable to viewers. Their simplicity encourages user-generated content, fostering a sense of community and creativity among creators. Moreover, the format’s integration with the YouTube app makes it accessible to a wide audience, including mobile users who form a significant portion of online viewership.

Lastly, the potential for virality and rapid audience growth incentivizes both established and aspiring creators to embrace Shorts as a valuable content strategy.

Steps for How to Download Youtube Shorts

  • Find a youtube short
  • Copy URL
  • Downloads with shorts down

How To Find a Video on YouTube?

Finding a video on YouTube is a straightforward process. First, open the YouTube app or website. In the search bar, enter keywords related to the video you are looking for. Use specific terms to narrow down results.

Scroll through the search results to identify the video you want. Check the video titles and thumbnails for relevance. If the video is from a known channel, navigate to that channel directly.

Utilize filters to sort results based on upload date, relevance, or view count. Once you locate the desired video, click on it to start watching.

You can also create playlists to organize and save videos for later. Remember to subscribe to channels for easy access to their content. With these simple steps, you can efficiently find and enjoy videos on YouTube.

1. Copy with URL

Whether you’ve directly accessed a video or come across a captivating Short while scrolling, locating the necessary URL is a straightforward process.

Simply look at the address bar in your browser. To copy it to the clipboard, you can either select the URL and press Ctrl + C, right-click on the URL and choose Copy, or right-click on the video and select Copy video URL.

2. Copying URL on Mobiles

YouTube Shorts were primarily crafted with mobile users in focus, making it probable that you’ll discover videos you want to download on your phone.

To acquire the URL necessary for downloading a specific Short, tap the Share button located at the top of a playing video, then opt for the Copy link option.

3. Downloading a shorts

Once you’ve copied the video URL, open your preferred web browser and head to This step is feasible on both your desktop PC and your mobile device.

Insert the copied URL into the text box positioned at the top of the page and proceed by clicking the Start button or tapping it if you’re on a mobile device.

This online platform provides a user-friendly interface for downloading YouTube Shorts effortlessly. Additionally, ensures compatibility with both desktop and mobile environments, enhancing convenience for users.

After clicking download, you’ll be prompted with download options for your chosen YouTube Short. Select the desired format and quality, and the download will commence promptly.

4. Pic Video Quality

Typically, you’ll notice various video quality options available for download. Simply choose the desired quality, then click or tap the Download button to save it to your device. Moreover, there’s an alternative to exclusively download the audio of a video.

To do this, click the Audio link adjacent to the video preview. Following this, select your preferred audio file quality and format before clicking the Download button.

This flexibility allows users to tailor their downloads according to their preferences, whether it’s the complete video or just the audio content.

Why do you need YouTube short size?

Securing the appropriate dimensions for your content on bluehaventools come with the following advantages.

Maximum space

The dimensions required for YouTube Shorts are designed to maximize the use of the entire screen. This ensures that your client’s content occupies ample space, capturing attention and enhancing views.

Optimal experience for viewer

Employing the correct YouTube Shorts dimensions guarantees that your clients’ videos appear excellent on smartphones and mobile devices. The ideal Shorts dimensions enable your client’s content to seamlessly fit mobile screens, eliminating large black areas and awkwardly cropped angles.

Nail the professional look

Accurate Shorts dimensions contribute to a more polished and professional appearance for your clients’ videos. This can enhance the credibility of your clients’ YouTube channels and brands.

Ensure the top quality video

Optimal Shorts dimensions preserve the quality of your client’s videos. This ensures that there are no shrunken or stretched videos, preventing any distortion in the content’s appearance.

Drive audience engagement

Compelling content that fits the screen perfectly is likely to captivate audiences, enticing your clients’ viewers to watch till the end and potentially share, like, and comment on the video.

Online YouTube  Music Downloader

Blue Haven is a web-based tool or service that allows users to download music from YouTube videos. This platform enable users to extract audio from YouTube videos and save it in a downloadable format such as MP3 or M4A.

Users typically paste the URL of the YouTube video containing the desired music into the downloader’s interface, select the desired audio format and quality, and then initiate the download process.

While such services offer convenience, it’s important to note that downloading copyrighted music without proper authorization may infringe upon intellectual property rights.

Therefore, users should exercise caution and ensure they have the necessary permissions or are downloading content that is not copyrighted.

Additionally, users should be wary of malicious websites posing as YouTube music downloaders, as they may compromise the security of their devices or violate legal regulations.

Online YouTube Video Converter and Downloader

Blue Haven is an online YouTube video converter and downloader that allows users to convert YouTube videos into various formats and download them for offline use.

With this tool, users can easily download YouTube songs in MP3 format, enabling them to enjoy their favorite music without the need for an internet connection.

Additionally, users can save YouTube videos in high definition (HD) quality, ensuring crisp and clear playback even when offline.

Moreover, this tool supports converting YouTube Shorts into MP3 files, allowing users to extract the audio from these short-form videos and listen to them on the go.

Tips for Downloading YouTube Shorts Safely and Legally

It’s important to know the proper and legal ways to download YouTube Shorts to avoid any copyright infringement or security risks.

  • Thoroughly research reliable platforms/apps for legal downloads.
  • Understand YouTube and platform copyright policies.
  • Stick to reputable platforms with HTTPS connections.
  • Use copyright-free music/videos created for YouTube Shorts.

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